Duplicate meta description checker

Check your website for pages with the same meta description

Why is having duplicate meta description tags an SEO issue?

Having multiple meta description tags on a website have 2 common issues:

  1. A page is copied without changing the meta description
  2. A page is so similar that the 2 pages can be combined
A Macbook has the ExcellentWebCheck dashboard open with the Site Audit tab opened. In the corner the issue with duplicate meta tags is highlighted.

Best practices for meta description tags

The meta description contains a summary of the page. This summary can be used by Google in the search results. A good meta description is:

  • Up to 160 characters
  • Describes the page
  • Contains relevant keywords

The duplicate meta description checker is part of the SEO Site Audit functionality of ExcellentWebCheck. Also, try the free duplicate title checker.

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