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Can someone with a disability use your website?

Brand reputation

Why is Accessibility important?

Why should every organization prioritize accessibility compliance?

Mitigate Legal Risk

An accessible website is in a lot of countries legally required. Make sure your website is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Equal Access

Due to Digitalization, some information and services are exclusively accessible online. This makes accessible websites critical for an open society.

More Sales

The more potential customers, the more sales and brand awareness you can get. Inaccessible websites might even hurt your reputation.

Accessibility Legislation around the world

Does your website need to comply with Accessibility Legislation? Check out which legislation applies to you.

Save hours of work

Benefits of the Accessibility Platform

The accessibility scanner does the hard and tedious work for you, verifying every page to make sure it is accessible to everyone. By using the accessibility scanner, you save hours of manual checking.

Categorize similar issues

Exactly know where issues are on your page. Manual accessibility audits are time-consuming. The automated accessibility scanner saves hours of manual work.

Fix accessibility issues faster

A screenshot helps to identify the location of an issue. This speeds up the process of resolving accessibility issues.

Low cost solution

With extensive documentation, fixing accessibility issues is easy with ExcellentWebCheck.

ExcellentWebCheck categorizes accessibility issues based on the level of technical expertise required to fix them.

A Macbook has the Accessibility dashboard open from ExcellentWebCheck. It shows a table with accessibility issues and what level technical expertise is required to fix these issues.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The majority of internet traffic comes from Mobile devices. Therefore it is important to use an accessibility checker that audits a website onDesktop, Mobile, and Tablet screen sizes.

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Phone shows an example website accessibility violations

Easy setup

Accessibility Audit for every CMS

The accessibility scanner supports every CMS and website builder including WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Squarespace, Webflow, WIX, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automated tools do not catch all accessibility issues. For instance, providing alternative text for images is essential for users relying on screen readers. An automated accessibility checker can verify the presence of alternative text, but it cannot guarantee that the text adequately describes the image. Given the current state of Artificial Intelligence, automatically resolving these types of accessibility issues is not feasible. Effectively describing an image requires a deep understanding of both the image itself and its context.

No, there are some significant drawbacks associated with an accessibility widget. Some accessibility vendors provide an accessibility widget. An accessibility widget is an integration, often marketed as a zero-effort accessibility solution that you add to your website. An accessibility widget provides:

  • Automatic fixes to some easy-to-fix accessibility issues
  • Adjust text size
  • Enhance color contrast
  • Add text-to-speech
  • etc.
An accessibility widget has a few downsides though:
  • A widget can slow down your website
  • Widgets are blocked by adblockers
  • Widgets are a privacy and security concern
An accessibility widget doesn't guarantee you can't get sued, neither can an accessibility checker. For organizations, it is a matter of preference how they approach their social or legal obligation for accessibility. There is no zero-effort way to achieve accessibility compliance. Our recommendation is:
  1. Use an automated accessibility checker to fix the most pressing issues first
  2. Depending on your company size, industry, applicable legislation, etc, hire an accessibility consultant
  3. Keep monitoring your website with an automated accessibility monitor that warns you about violations for new and updated content on your website
You can read more about accessibility overlays in the accessibility overlay guide.

Implement the proposed solutions from the accessibility testing tool. Make sure to revalidate when you fixed an issue.

No, the accessibility report has no legal authority. It is meant to improve website accessibility and provides potential accessibility issues.

Yes, create an account and enter your website url. New content and new pages will be scanned automatically for accessibility issues. You don't have to remember to check new pages and new content for accessibility scores.

With an API (Application Programming Interface), you can automate the accessibility checker from ExcellentWebCheck. Send us an email if you want to use the Accessibility API.

Website Accessibility Checker

Can someone with a disability use your website?

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