White Label Website Accessibility Planned

Accessibility insights with little effort

Your brand

Why use White Label Reports?

A white label report contains your logo and brand colors. With Accessibility PDF reports you can quickly show what the current accessibility compliance status is of a website.

Accessibility compliance reporting

Around 57% of accessibility issues can be automatically detected and thus provide a solid start for getting insights into the accessibility compliance status of a website.

White-label PDF

Deliver a customized PDF file with your logo and styling.

Tablet with an ecommerce checkout page with at the side a checkmark connected via a dotted line with the checkout button.
ExcellentWebCheck's dashboard showing Accessibility compliance reporting capabilities

Accessibility Audit Report

Audit the client's website to show what accessibility barriers can hold people back from using a website.

WCAG 2.1 conformance status

Does the website conform to the most used accessibility standard?

Mobile and Desktop website accessibility

Is the mobile website navigation accessible as well? Often, navigation items are different on mobile and ignored by other accessibility vendors.

For Accessibility agencies

Want to quickly show a prospect what you can do for them without spending a lot of time? With the ExcellentWebCheck reports you can win more clients in less time.

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