53% of the web traffic comes from mobile

Mobile-Friendly website test

Is my website mobile-friendly?

Alternative for Google Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-Friendly Test

53% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. After the retirement of the Mobile Usability report in Google Search console it remains crucial to test for Mobile-Friendliness.

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Find the mobile-friendliness issues on your website. Just enter the URL, and ExcellentWebCheck will crawl your entire website for mobile-friendliness issues.

Fix issues

The documentation helps you with fixing the mobile-friendliness issues. Check out the screenshots and HTML snippet to see where the issue should be fixed.

Phone shows an example website accessibility violations
The dashboard from ExcellentWebCheck on a macbook with the Content wider than screen issue opened

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What Is A Mobile-Friendliness Test?

A mobile-friendliness test verifies that a website looks good on mobile devices. Content should fit the screen, and only supported technologies should be used. Mobile websites should be touchscreen-friendly due to mobile devices having touchscreens.

A mobile-friendly website is important because a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is easy with a mobile-friendliness testing tool.

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Mobile-friendliness checks

ExcellentWebCheck's Mobile-Friendly test verifies these common problems:

Incompatible technologies

Mobile browsers do not support Applets, Silverlight, and Flash plugins.

Viewport meta property is set

A viewport meta tag should be present with the correct value to make the website fit the screen.

No horizontal scrollbars

A Mobile-Friendly website should not have horizontal scrollbars. Make sure your website is responsive.

Readable font

Titles and paragraphs should use a good font size. Generally, 16px font size is readable.

Tap targets not too close together

Make sure clickable elements are large enough for touch screens.

Clickable elements are large enough

Make sure there is enough space between elements so users don't click the wrong element.

Image size & resolution

Use the right image size and resolution for a mobile website.

Mobile Website Speed

Make sure your mobile website is not too heavy for a cellular network.

Have a Touch-Friendly Design

Place important action items in the "thumb zone" so a user can touch them with the thumb.

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Responsive website test

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Mobile Usability should be a priority for every SEO professional.

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