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Check your website for pages with the same title

Why is having duplicate title tags an SEO issue?

Having duplicate title tags is a significant SEO issue. The title tag is a crucial element that summarizes the content of a webpage and provides a preview of what the page is about.

When multiple pages share the same title tag, search engines may not present the most relevant page in the search results.

A Macbook has the ExcellentWebCheck dashboard open with the Site Audit tab opened. In the corner the issue with duplicate title tags is highlighted.

Best practices for page titles

Titles are an important part of a web page. A good title:

  • Is concise
  • Should summarize the page
  • Includes relevant keywords

Use a title that encourages users to click on the page in Google but avoid clickbait.

Tip: use proper capitalization. Capitalize the first letter of every word in the title to get more attention.

The Duplicate Title Finder is part of the SEO Site Audit functionality from ExcellentWebCheck. Also try the duplicate meta description checker because having duplicate descriptions is another SEO issue that you want to resolve.

Importance of title on Website Accessibility

Did you know that having a clear and unique title is crucial for individuals using a screen reader?

People relying on screen readers use titles to navigate between browser tabs. Without unique page titles, distinguishing between various pages becomes challenging or even impossible.

Check your website with the free accessibility checker to check how accessible your website is.

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