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Broken Link Checker Features

The EWC Broken Link Checker has the following features:

Dynamic Content

All web pages are rendered in a headless browser. A broken link checker that loads a website in a headless browser can report more broken URLs.

Broken Images

The broken link checker reports broken images.

Monitoring Of Broken Links

The web is constantly changing. An outgoing link can break. You should therefore monitor the links on your website. Sign up and get notified about broken links.

Single page application (SPA) Broken Link Test

The EWC Broken Link Checker can check Single page applications. Angular, React and VueJS websites are dynamically rendered websites. Most broken link checkers cannot verify all links. EWC's broken link checker can test SPAs for broken links.

Fast Crawling

The broken link checker crawls your website at a fast rate. Multiple pages are requested in parallel.

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The broken link checker is free to use. Easily check broken links for free by signing up for the site audit.

What Is A Broken Link Checker?

A broken link checker crawls your entire website. A request will be made for every link on your website. If the response HTTP Status Code is not in 200, the link is reported as a broken link. Every resource or asset that is loaded by a page is requested as well. A broken asset such as an image, CSS StyleSheet, or JavaScript file must be available for your website to work correctly.

404 No More

A 404 HTTP Response Code means that the resource was not found on the server. A 404 checker reports all 404 errors that are found on your website. A 404 HTTP error can be returned by a server for a web page, image, JavaScript, or CSS stylesheet.

Broken Link Check

Links to other web pages are checked. If the request fails, the link is reported as a broken link.

Broken Asset Check

CSS, JavaScript, and Images are checked by the broken link checker. If an asset is broken it means that your website is not working correctly.

Invalid URL check

Invalid URLs on your website lead the user to nothing. An invalid URL is another type of broken link.

Don't lose website visitors

Dead links are annoying. Many public websites have dead links. The reason why broken links exist is that the web is constantly changing. This process is called link rot. Link rot can be prevented by monitoring websites for broken links and fixing them.

Broken Image Checker

EWC Broken Image Checker reports all broken images on your website. Broken images are bad for the user experience. Often, images are uploaded to a CMS. That image is added to a web page. The image later gets removed because you might think it is not referenced anymore. This can go wrong when the image was referenced on multiple pages but you forgot to change all the references to the image. Broken images are often visible to the user on the web page. Some images are not visible on the web page itself. Open graph images are only displayed when a link to a web page is shared on social media. Open graph images can be broken as well. The Broken Image Checker checks the presence of your open graph images.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 404 error is returned by a server when a resource is requested that is no longer available. The server returns a 404 Not Found error. The 404 error needs to be fixed by the owner of the website.

A broken link can be found by the Google Bot. These broken links are reported in Google Search Console are reported as Not found (404). It can take a few days or even weeks before Google checks again if the broken link is fixed. You want to fix broken links before Google detects them. Therefore, use a broken link monitor so you get notified when a broken link is detected.

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