H1 below fold Mobile Friendliness issue

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This evaluation is included in the Mobile Friendly test offered by ExcellentWebCheck. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive is crucial not only for enhancing the user experience but also for optimizing your site's SEO performance.

Why is it important to have the h1 visible on page load?

A <h1> element conveys what the page is all about. Without scrolling, a user must see the most important title on the page.


A good title (<h1>) can convince visitors to read the whole page. So making sure the <h1> is visible without scrolling can have a positive impact on the bounce-rate of your website.


When the mobile friendly test reports the “H1 below fold” error, it means that the h1 element is too far down the page.


Above the fold is the part that is immediately visible when the page is loaded without scrolling. Below the fold is the part that is not visible when the page is loaded without scrolling.


Make sure to have the <h1> readable above the fold.

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