How to use aria-describedby the right way?

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The ARIA standard is used by browsers, screen readers, and other assistive technology to make content accessible to everyone. One of the elements of the ARIA Standard is aria-describedby . How should you use it?

When to use aria-describedby?

aria-describedby should be used when an element needs a more extensive description. For example, an input field might need a more detailed explanation of the expected input. As a general rule of thumb: use aria-describedby only when the description contains complete or multiple sentences.

A real-world example for aria-describedby would be the BIC or SWIFT code for a bank account number. The input field for this might look like this:

<label for="swift-code">SWIFT code</label>
<input type="text" id="swift-code" aria-describedby="swift-explanation">
<p id="swift-explanation" aria-hidden="true">
    Your bank has a unique SWIFT code that usually consists of 11 characters. 
    An example SWIFT code is "BOFAUS3N" for the Bank of America. 
    You can find your bank's SWIFT code via: ...

Note that the text has aria-hidden="true" . Without the aria-hidden="true" , assistive technologies and screen readers might read the explanation twice. Once as the description of the input and once as regular text on the webpage.

How to use aria-describedby correctly?

To use aria-describedby correctly, wrap the descriptive text in an element such as <p> and give it a unique id. Add the aria-describedby="unique-id" attribute to the element that needs a description.

<input type="text" aria-describedby="unique-id">
<p id="unique-id">Your explanation goes here which is ideally a complete sentence.</p>

Make sure the id is unique on the web page and is exactly the same as the aria-describedby attribute value!

When to use aria-describedby vs aria-labelledby?

aria-labelledby and aria-describedby can be used on the same element.

  1. Use aria-labelledby for the name of an element. In general, this should only be a couple of words
  2. Use aria-describedby for a detailed explanation of the element. In general, this should contain complete sentences.

Check the correct usage of ARIA attributes on your website

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