What is HTTP 999 request denied response code?

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HTTP status code 999 request failed is an unofficial HTTP response code. What is the HTTP 999 response code and why is 4xx error not used instead?

Non-standard 999 HTTP response code

The HTTP status code 999 is an error code returned by Linkedin. You get this response code when you open a company page as an unauthenticated user. Web crawlers that do not respect Linkedin's robots.txt have to deal with Linkedin's 999 HTTP response code.

Only a few web crawlers from Google, Microsoft, and Apple are allowed to crawl parts of Linkedin.

You can get the HTTP 999 response code returned as an error when using broken link checkers. If you are curious about what this means. No worries, most likely there is no problem with the link to for example your company page. The broken link checker should respect Linkedin's robots.txt, which tells bots to ignore links to Linkedin.

Do you use valid http status codes?

Why does Linkedin return HTTP 999 Request denied?

Linkedin has no official explanation of the HTTP 999 response code. Most likely it is security through obscurity. Don't tell bots what went wrong.

We would expect a 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden response.

So, the Linkedin 999 response code is nothing to worry about.

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