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Best practices for Mobile Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a way to navigate up in the hierarchy of the website. What is a good mobile breadcrumb navigation strategy?

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Mobile Usability report deprecated: Here Is What To Use Now

Google announced the retirement of Mobile Usability tools and reports. Explore alternative tools and learn how to prioritize mobile-friendliness.

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The Importance of Accessibility on SEO in 2023

SEO professionals aim to drive targeted traffic to websites through search engines and optimize the website to ensure conversions. What is the effect of Accessibility on SEO? Should you care as an SEO professional about Accessibility?

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What is HTTP 999 request denied response code?

HTTP status code 999 Request denied is an unofficial HTTP response code. Unauthenticated users will get an HTTP 999 Request denied error on Linkedin. What is the HTTP 999 response code and why is 4xx error not used instead?

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How to control the Site Name that shows up in Google?

In recent years, Google has added features that help users achieve their goals faster. If you search for a recipe, Google shows it immediately. Search for a how-to guide, Google has the answer.

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How To Fix A Broken Image Icon?

Broken image icons appear on a web page if an image is not found by a web browser. There are a couple of reasons why the image could not be shown.

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What is wlwmanifest.xml in Wordpress? Should you delete it?

Website owners often find the wlwmanifest.xml in the access logs. What is it and why do you see it so often in your access logs?

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How To Fix Nginx 404 Not Found Errors?

Nginx returns an HTTP 404 NOT FOUND error when it could not find the requested resource. How should you deal with Nginx 404 Not Found errors?

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How To Test A Localhost Website With Any Free Online SEO Tool?

Websites are in most cases, built on a local development machine, where the website is available on localhost.

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What Is Link Rot And How To Fix Broken Links?

Link rot is a process by which content is no longer available after some time, although there are still links on a website referring to that content.

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